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Multi-wall sheets have the following features:

  • Varying widths. Maximum width is 4 feet(1.22m) & 7 feet (2.1m).
  • Thicknesses: Can range from approximately (4mm to 45mm).
  • Length: Dependent on the equipment.
  • Option to coextrude an ultra-violet (UV) protection layer on the top surface of the sheet.
  • Transparent, translucent, and opaque colors possible.
  • High degree of thermal insulation.
  • Light-weight material.
  • Increased weathering resistance when coextruded with a UV concentrate .
  • Continuous production and high output possible.
  • very good heat resistance
  • excellent physical properties High impact resistance
  • Light weight
  • Both side UV
  • High flexibility & thermal insulation
  • Roofing for hot climates

This processing guide for multi-wall sheet extrusion reviews the products available , the type of equipment used to extrude the material, and the processing properties of the grades. Design engineers, extrusion process engineers, and extrusion technicians will find helpful information for using Bayer products for the extrusion of multi-wall sheets in the following sections.

Applications for multi-wall sheets

  • Skylights roofs of Greenhouses, industrial buildings, building and construction.
  • Parking shed , Window canopy for sun rooms, verandas,
  • Pergolas and carports in the private household sector.
  • outdoor lighting fixtures , Warehouse roofing,
  • Pyramids, Domes ,Walkways, Interior partition ,
  • Residential / commercial building,
  • Sky Duct coverings ,
  • The do-it-yourself market.

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